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Many of us think we know perfectly well that is the Iberian Ham but after talking Jabugo Ham, “Pata Negra” Ham , Bellota, Recebo, Cebo … ultimately, we mix terms. Do we know well which is the meaning of Iberian ham and what are the ham’s requirements to be considered Iberian? Well, today we review …

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  The Junta of Andalucía and the Ministry of Agriculture have been  agreed to amend the Statement of the Iberian Quality, a claim of the  industry which has seen yields were reduced in recent years because of  the confusion among consumers has led to the previous regulations  2007. The Andalusian proposal, which has been agreed …

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The spanish Iberian “Pata Negra” ham has today a new big problem. In 2008,  8 companies received the autorisation from China to export their hams ans iberian products. A few years ago, Chinese technicians visited the Spanish factories to give them permission to export but we think they were inspecting the factories to copy them after, like they always do! They began producing serrano ham and …

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