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What is Iberian Ham?

what is iberian ham

Many of us think we know perfectly well that is the Iberian Ham but after talking Jabugo Ham, “Pata Negra” Ham , Bellota, Recebo, Cebo … ultimately, we mix terms.

Do we know well which is the meaning of Iberian ham and what are the ham’s requirements to be considered Iberian?

Well, today we review some basic terms and requirements that will make have clearer ideas about the ham.

Ham is considered the rear of the pig as it the front is called pallet and has a lower weight of the ham.

For a ham can be considered Iberian, must come from Iberian pigs, although there are crosses with Duroc pork. This crossing is permitted provided that 75% of the blood is of Iberian pig.

A greater presence of Iberian pig, higher quality in Iberian ham.

Within Iberian hams have three qualities:

Bellota Iberian Ham: acorn pork enters with about 100 kilos and replaces 60% of your weight on acorns and herbs found in the bush.

Recebo Iberian Ham: Pork recovers 30% of its weight on acorns and herbs and the rest is based on natural feed.

Cebo Iberian Ham: pork is fed from feedstuffs.

If an advertisement or label does not appear any of the three grades and only shows the word “Iberian ham”, is understood to be bait but usually it is reflected to avoid confusing the consumers.

Iberian ham can have four appellations of origin.
Iberian ham from Extremadura, Huelva, Guijuelo or Valley of Pedroches but are trying to change the Huelva on the Jabugo since this name is more popular among consumers.

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