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Price of Pata Negra ham (PataNegra)

Price Pata Negra ham

Price of pata negra ham (patanegra ham):

Iberian ‘Pata Negra’ hams (patanegra ham) can be found at different prices depending on their quality.
We will try to help you get an idea of a fair price to pay for a raw Iberian ham.

Pata Negra hams (Iberian hams) can be found in 4 qualities: Cebo, Cebo de Campo, Bellota and 100% Iberian Bellota (the Pata Negra).

Cebo ham (white label) is normally priced around 25-30€/kg (180€ -200€ for a 7Kg ham).

Cebo ham (green label) has a price of 30-38€/kg (220€-280€ for a 7kg ham).

Bellota ham (red label) is priced at 50€-60€/kg (350€-420€ for a 7Kg ham).

The 100% Iberian Bellota ham (black label) Pata Negra is priced at 65€-90€/kg (455€-630€ for a 7Kg ham).

These prices are indicative and may vary significantly depending on the shop where you buy our Pata Negra ham.

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How to buy pata negra ham online?:

Below you will find some valuable tips for buying a quality Spanish Pata Negra ham, online:
When choosing an Iberian ham (Jamon Iberico), its quality must be clearly stated.
First of all, its origin must be verified.
An Iberian ham can be from the region of Extremadura, Huelva, Cordova or Salamanca.


Among the characteristics of a pata negra ham, the variety must be indicated:
bellota, recebo or cebo.
In addition, the curing period must appear, which varies according to the quality, as the bellota ham needs a longer curing period than the others.

Iberian hams are distinguished by their elongated and delicate shape, as well as having a black leg.
It is important that these elements can be deduced from the photographs of the product, and if the ham received does not meet our expectations, it should be possible to return it.

Once in our hands, we may notice that the colour of the meat varies from pink to purple-red and that its texture is not very fibrous, the fat bright, fluid and bland to the touch.


The brand name is not among the most important things when you want to buy a quality pata negra ham, given that many mediocre manufacturers invest large sums in advertising while others, less well known, produce very high quality hams artisanally, despite not having the resources to make a name for themselves.

The most important thing is to buy them in shops that offer a good guarantee and the option to return the product if it does not meet the advertised characteristics.

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