The production of Iberian pig in Spain has gone from an average of 450,000-500.000 pigs before the entry into force of the current Quality Standard to 1,200,000 as of 2004, representing an increase of 60 %, due to «lack of control», so many of these animals are not.

This has been stated in a statement, the signatories of the Manifiesto in Defense of the Iberian pig, about 50 agricultural associations and consumers, as well as academic and scientific institutions of Andalucia and Extremadura, who have claimed that the Iberian pig must be «faithfully identifiable» by consumers.

Although the average figure has fallen to 630,000 animals, emphasizing the lack of control that is also observed, as indicated, in the production of bait «Iberian pigs», which increased from 1.25 million animals in the 2004, up to 5.5 million animals in 2006-2007, with almost all of the pigs produced crossed 50%.

The signatories have wanted to clarify several points in response to the statements being made by certain unions and political organizations of other communities in relation to the benefits that the proposal for the new standard of quality can lead to the territories they represent.

They stressed that Andalucia and Extremadura account for 96% of pig production Iberian acorn, while the south of Salamanca produced the remaining 4 percent.

They believe that the only possible purpose of a quality standard in protection of production taking into account the quality.

With the current regulation has ensured that the production of ham has grown fictitiously.

The signatories consider that «if there arises a differentiation effective and loyal, if it is to give protection to an undifferentiated production, there is a risk more than sure the disappearance of one race only, exclusive and unbeatable as the Iberian pig which shares and maintains an ecosystem as unique as the Iberian Dehesa, world reference base sustainable production and excellence of their livestock products. «

60% increase in the production of Iberian «Bellota» pig
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