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How to buy a spanish Iberian Ham “Pata Negra”?

When it’s shopping time for an Iberian Ham it’s very important to have very clear certain terms before to know exactly what they are offering us, and whether the price is good or not.
Personally, the first thing I notice is the quality of Iberian ham.
If  it’s Bellota Ham, it should cost about 30 € at least kilo. (I’m talking about an authentic Bellota ham).
If  it’s recebo ham, its minimum price may be around € 20 kilo.
And if the quality of the ham is cebo, we can find it for 14 € kilo.
These rates are only an estimate because then there can be exceptions.
In this section, I notice a lot when I buy at a store online and I’ve seen descriptions or titles which only speaks of “pata negra ham” or “Jabugo ham” which gives us no information about the quality of the ham Iberian sold.
Then I look at their source.
Huelva (Jabugo), Cordoba (Pedroches Valley), Extremadura (Badajoz …) and Salamanca (Guijielo).
Then I look at the brand as a ham of a known brand always gives me peace of mind that an unknown brand but then this can be wonderful or vice versa.
Finally watch their weight because I like hams of 7kg  and palettes of 4.5 kg.
When a ham weighs less than 6.5 kg-7kg may seem much cheaper than one of 7kg-7, 5kg but we are paying more for it, because we have a fixed weight corresponding to bone (1.7kg-2kg).
Neither, I do not like weighing more than 7kg-7, 5kg as they are often less cured inside.
And of course, always buy from reputable stores because if there is a problem with ham, these will give me a quick solution.
If the Ham is also in supply,  I pay even more attention to the above as the Ham is a product that has an expiration date and a few months ideal consumer. A past Ham, too hard and does not have the same quality no matter how good is the brand.
What do you look when you buy a Iberian ham?
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