All you have to know to choose a good iberian Ham
1- The origin of the ham:

You will only find iberian hams from Huelva, Cordoba, Extremadura or Salamanca. If the ham isn’t from one of those places, it can’t be an iberian ham. 

2 – How the pigs were fed:

-The best hams were fact with pigs that always ate acorns in Spanish: “Bellotas”.
-Then, you can find hams which were fact with pigs that ate grazing ground and acorns, which are called Recebo.
Finally, you can find hams simply Serranos who come from pigs which only ate the grazing ground.

3 – Time that hams are dried with salt:

It is necessary that they where dried at least 28 months.

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How to choose a good spanish Pata negra ham

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