Iberian ham is probably the Spanish product that has more presence abroad.
We find it on the Oscars, in the Masters Series tennis or in the Formula 1 and in other international events encircling the world.

The Iberian Ham (Pata Negra ham) is conquering all the countries where he disembark. In the UK, thanks to the hard work of important chefs Spanish, the English are beginning to learn to recognize a good ham and export has doubled since 2008.

In France, this ham already has several years courting everyone who tastes it, and surely his entry into the French market has been easier because the French already knew what a ham since they have the jambon de Bayonne, which has nothing to do with our Iberian Acorn ham but it certainly helps to introduce the product in that country. Therefore, the «Pata Negra ham» has very good acceptance in France and is gaining adherents.

In Italy the same thing happens a little, have a long habit of cured ham, with ham star, prosciutto di Parma, which has nothing to do with our Iberian ham (Prosciutto Pata Negra) but it has certainly helped a lot to our Iberian ham to have a great acceptance among the Italians.

In other countries like United States, its introduction has been slow and complicated because the government has issued strict quality controls that forced companies interested in exporting, to make significant investments in their factories. Permits are very recent and that until 2005 could not be exported U.S. Iberian ham.

Another complicated country but has created high expectations is China. In this country began exporting in 2008 after having had to adapt their facilities to the requirements of the Chinese health authorities.
Exports are growing by leaps and bounds, moving from the 2.6 tonnes in 2009 to 9.9 in 2010 and 13.1 in 2011.

In Russia, they ate ham in a while but began to popularize consumption since the middle of the last decade. Those responsible have been the Russian tourists who visited our country, to prove it in Spain and is taken to his country, thus making him known compatriots. In 2011, Russia exported Iberian ham worth 160 million euros.

So, seeing that our ham is a jewel of Spanish cuisine that’s where love goes, we have to be careful with it and give full attention and resources it deserves to succeed worldwide.

The Iberian Pata Negra ham in the world
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