Iberian Ham

Iberian ham is a special product, for a maximum enjoyment we need to know how to consume and conserve the product. Here we explain briefly this and we hope you keep visiting our blog to know more amazing details about the product.

About to consume

The Iberian Ham should be consumed in ambient temperature, which is considered close to 20°C. If we have the Iberian Ham at this temperature, the color turns shiny because of the natural fat of the Iberian Ham itself. If we keep it in a coldest temperature it turns opaque

To maximum enjoyment is essential that the Iberian Ham have a good cut, this can slightly oscillate between preferences, but in general all want thin slices to get some fat and keep it juicy.

Conservation of Iberian Ham

A good thing about this product is that the conservation is really simple. we only need to keep it in a fresh and dry, in a temperature between 10 C and 5 C we can keep it very good. is advisable keep it hanging or in a Ham Holder.

When the ham is about to be cut, it needs to be consumed at the moment. If we want to keep some pieces for later is important to cover with paper for meal or transparent film, the important thing is avoid the air contact otherwise it dries.

Most important things is: Only cut it if you will consume shortly.

The spanish iberian Ham Conservation

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