In this article we’ll try to explain the different kinds of Spanish hams that it exists and it’s description.

– You can find the dry or serrano ham, the most typical, from white pigs.
It can be from Trévelez, Teruel or another place. It’s normally dried for no more than a year.

– The Iberian ham, which comes from the Iberian pig breed.
It can come from Huelva (the most known is from Jabugo), Córdoba (Valle de los Pedroches), Extremadura and Salamanca (Guijuelo).

 In the Iberian ham you can also find three qualities, Iberian ham cebo, recebo and bellota.

The cebo Iberian ham is a ham that comes from pigs that were fed with grain and grass.

After, you will find the recebo Iberian ham, a ham from pigs that where fed with grains, grasses, and acorns during the time of “Montanera”, (time from October to the end of February).

And finally, you will find bellota ham, the best. It comes from Iberian pigs that where fed only with grass and acorns in the mountains during the “Montanera”. This ham needs  more drying months  because more acorns (Bellotas) ate the pig and more time it needs to dry.
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Spanish Cured Ham Iberian

The spanish ham, Iberian cured and serrano cured
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