The Wine Colours

True lovers of fine Iberian ham would accompany this flagship symbol of Spanish gastronomy with an excellent glass of wine. These two products just go hand in hand: we can’t think of a tapa of ham without a glass of Rioja or Ribera del Duero.

For this reason, today I want to introduce to you a Spanish company which specializes in wine tourism. For those who do not know what wine tourism is, we can say that it refers to tourism whose purpose is promoting local wine products.

The main aim of Wine Colours is organizing wine-based trips. This may include short trips to visit grape harvests in Rioja or wineries with the possibility of staying in a country inn. Another option would be enrolling in a cooking course, which would let you taste the finest Iberian ham along with excellent wine.

Do not even think that it is necessary to travel in a large group to organize your trip! You can enjoy your special weekend with your partner, too.

The Wine Colours reinvents the concept of travelling and, with its special offers, you will surely be spoilt for choice.

The Wine Colours also organizes events for your company, in which wine will be served with other gourmet products.

If you want to discover the secrets of Spanish ham and how to combine wine and Iberian ham, do not miss our tastings during January and February. There, a professional master slicer will teach you how to slice a ham, will show you the different types of Iberian hams and how to recognize them.

Join the Facebook group of this company and you will always be updated on the latest news. The name of the Facebook group is “The Wine Colours”.

Spanish ham and wine: The Wine Colours
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