Cut Iberico ham

It seems a simple task but cutting a Iberian ham is an art and taste of our Ham depends in part on our ability with the knife.

Before starting with explanations, it is important that you know the different parts of a ham to better understand and cutting.
As can be seen in the picture, we have the mace, the counter, the tip, the stifle, hock and shank.
Step 1. Cut the ham. 
Place the ham in the ham holder with the hoof up making sure that has a good setting. If you are going to consume in one day, will remove all outer bark and bacon peeling the Ham. Otherwise clean and outline as it is cut.
Step 2. Cut the ham. 
With the wide knife, remove the outer rind and subcutaneous fat and gives a deep cut in the cane. From this court, with the carving knife begins to remove slices to the hub, which is the thickest part of the piece. It is advisable to combine each portion of the central slice, with some of the tip and the shank.
Step 3
Cut the ham. Step 3.
The slices should be small and as thin as possible. The direction of the cut must be uniform either to the hoof or down. For safety, make sure the blade is not facing you.
Step 4
Cut the ham. Step 4.
Upon arrival at the hip bone, will make a deep cut using the lace around the bone so that subsequent slices out clean of this area.  The meat attached to the bone, cut into strips and irregular pieces «taquitos.»
Step 5
Cut the ham. Step 5.
Once exhausted the «maza» is flip the ham with the hoof down the same operation is performed with the «contramaza», down to the bone. This side of the ham is the hardest, so it will be a higher difficulty.
Also I leave a video where you can see cut:
How to cut a Iberian ham

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