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Below, you will find some precious advice to help you buying the finest spanish ham online:

Whenever you decide to buy a pata negra ham online (el jamon iberico), the quality label must be present on the product. The first thing to do is verifying its origin. An Iberian ham (iberico ham) may come from the region of Extremadura, from Huelva, Cordova or Salamanca. The labeling must include the variety (bellota, recebo or cebo) and the curing period (that depends on the variety). The bellota ham, for example, needs a longer curing period than the other ones.

It is easy to recognize an Iberian ham thanks to its stretched and delicate shape and, of course, thanks to the black foot of the animal. These two elements must be clear in the photos shown and, in case you are not satisfied with the purchased product you must be allowed to return it.

Once in our hand, it is possible to notice that the colour varies from a shade of pink to purple-red and that the texture is not sinewy, whereas the fat part is fluid, shining and soft.

The brand is not the most important thing if you decide to buy a high quality product. As a matter of fact, many mediocre companies  invest a lot of money in advertising campaigns, while others, perhaps less known, prefer producing homemade hams of high quality, even though they do not have enough economic resources to make themselves known.

Remember that iberian cured ham is not the same than serrano cured ham. The last one comes from a white pig and his quality is lowest.

It is crucial to buy your ham in a spanish store that offers you guarantee on the product you are purchasing and the option to return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. In you can always find the finest Iberian hams counting on our personalized customer service if you have any problem with your orders.

How To Buy The Finest Iberian Ham

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