A good Iberian ham needs a good ham holder «jamonero» (a device that holds dry-cured ham so that it can be cut into fine strips) to his court to be suitable.
There are many models on the market and choosing not the question arises which is appropriate.
I will try to help you choose the one that best suits your needs:

1 ° We have to take into account what we pay for the ham holder. Models of ham holder from 25,5 € to fulfill their role as support even very basic.
Then find more sophisticated models, folding, revolving, or both. Its price is around between 75 € and 119 €.

2 ° We must see whether the use that will give will be professional or personal (occasional use at home).
For professional use, is often preferred models where the Iberian ham is horizontal as it is the most comfortable position for a long time to be cutting. This is not to say there are not professionals who have other preferences.

3 ° If we want that the ham holder is folding.
One of the major drawbacks of bulky ham, is the problem of where to save once the ham holder. Almost all can be removed but not easy to walk mounting and dismounting the ham holder every time you need.
so a good option is to choose to buy a ham holder folding. There are different models priced from the 37 € to 119 €.

4 If we find it useful to have a rotary ham holder. This mechanism allows us to turn the ham, once we have finished cutting one side, without having to drop the ham. It is very comfortable but these are usually the most expensive. You can find some at a good price but its price can cost over 300 €.

I think going through these four steps can more easily choose our ham holder.
Here are some pictures of several ham:



Do you want to buy a ham holder (Jamonero)?
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