partes jamon iberico

To taste an Iberian ham is all a ritual process, where we must know some concepts and information to fully enjoy  this gourmet product.

In this post you will see the different parts of a spanish iberian ham:

: is the name that receives the part of the ham where you will find more  meat. We usually start to cut the ham by t
he maza. It’s where there is more  infiltration of fat in meat.

Contramaza : The opposite part of the maza is more closely and cured than maza and more consistently. It has less fat than maza. After having cut the Maza, we continue cutting the contramaza.

Babilla : is located below the maza and is delimited by the femur bones and coxal. It is the least juicy zone. If the ham will not consumed in a long time, we recommend starting by the badilla, so the taste and flavour of the ham won’t be lost.

Punta: It’s the opposite of the ham leg . It is tasty and has much fat.

Jarrete & Caña : parts of the ham, located before the ham hoof. There, the meat is hard and fibrous,it’s usually used to extract ham tacos.

Different parts of a Spanish iberian ham
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